June, 17th 2017


10:00 – 18:45 hrs.


Hotel NH Aránzazu

Ondarreta Vitoria-Gasteiz, 1. 20018, San Sebastián.

Donostia – San Sebastián hosts the
1st Homeopathy Scientific Evidences Conference

The objective is to present to and share with medical professionals the advances in research and the last data from rigorous scientific studies published about this therapeutic.

HOMEOPATHY has a scientific base and The VII Homeopathy National Conference celebrated in 2016 in this same city reflected it. At this encounter, numerous scientists and experts from around the world shared their investigations with more than 250 professionals.

To continue with the spirit of scientific divulgation around homeopathy, born in that last conference, this professional conference arises. A new learning opportunity to keep on showing health professionals, patients, and society in general, the relevance of homeopathic medicines and homeopathy as a therapy that contribute to the health of the patients.

For that reason, the next Saturday 17th June the “1st Homeopathy Scientific Evidences Conference” will be held. An encounter for health professionals that will take place in Donostia-San Sebastián.



Conferences and one round table


International speakers



10:15 – 11:15 hrs.

Research in Homeopathy.

Latest scientific advances at an international level in homeopathy.

Speaker: Dr Peter Fisher.

Homeopathy is based on the use of substances on the basis of similarity. The controversial aspect of homeopathy is its use of very high dilutions. I will review the use of homeopathy in the United States; the EPI-3 study of the comparative effectiveness of homeopathy in France; the results of a health technology assessment commissioned by the Swiss Federal government on homeopathy for upper respiratory tract infections and allergies…

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11:15 – 12:15 hrs

Exploring high dynamic dilutions: DYNHOM project.

Study of the characteristics of homeopathic dilutions.

Ponente: Prof. Marc Henry.

NMR proton relaxation is sensitive to the dynamics of the water molecule H2O, through the interaction of the spin of the proton (1H) with external magnetic and electromagnetic fields.

This study confirms that it is possible to monitor dilution and potentization processes through measurements of 1H spin-lattice T1 and spin-spin T2 relaxation times. In order to interpret the recorded fluctuations in T1- or T2-values, experimental data have been linearized by looking how the area under a fluctuating time = f(dilution) curve (dilution integral or DI) changes with dilution. It was possible to show that such fluctuations cannot be attributed to random noise and/or experimental errors, evidencing a kind of memory effect that can be quantified by the slope of the DI = f(dilution) straight line. Two kinds of fitting procedures have been considered: chi-square fitting with a goodness-of-fit probability and least absolute deviations criterion with Pearson’s linear correlation coefficient. For all experiments, correlation coefficients were found to lie above 0.9999, against 0.999 for random noise…

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12:45 – 13:30 hrs.

Contribution of homeopathy in the integrative medicine program in Tuscany.

Results after 20 years of experience in general medicine and oncology.

Speaker: Dr. Elio Rossi.

Complementary medicine (CM) is being increasingly used by citizens across Europe as a means to maintain their health and to treat illness and disease. In Italy, the reform of Title V of the Italian Constitution allows each Region to decide how to put into practice and organize the Public Healthcare System…

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Featured Speakers

Pr. Marc Henry

Quantic chemistry and physics professor at the Strasbourg university where he manages the molecular chemistry in solid state lab. Researcher of the National Scientific Research Center in France (CNRS).

Dr. Peter Fisher

Director of Research and Consultant Physician at the Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine (RLHIM) in London, England. He is accredited as a specialist in homeopathy and rheumatology.

Dr. Elio Rossi

Physician, specialist in infectious illnesses and expert in homeopathy. Director of the homeopathy clinic at the Hospital Campo di Marte of Lucca, Italy, since 1998, reference regional centre of homeopathy since 2002.

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